What do our students say?

Without doubt, the best course you'll find about functional programming. With clear explanations and very good examples. At the end, you'll wonder how you managed to work without monads all this time.

Miguel Sánchez Marcos  

I really liked it! The best was the method to learn new concepts, using real wold examples. Totally recommended, even for people like me, who never coded with functional programming style.

Roberto Gómez  

I have been reading about functional programming since a while, but I thought it was difficult. Thanks to this course, I could understand the core conceptos in an easy way, using a programming language I already knew. Totally recomended!

Victor Galán  

After several attempts to learn functional programming, I was about to give up: I thought this was a thing too theoretical and abstract for me. Until I found this course, and thanks to it, I finally managed to learn the "weird" concepts, with practical examples that can be applied in your daily job. I wish I could find it before!

Daniel Martín García  

It starts from the most basic thigs of functional programming, and it adds more and more concepts in a clear way. Very recommended.

Edgar Miró  

The first day someone told me about functional programming, I couldn't understand it. Six months and a couple of talks later, I understood even less! But now, with this course, I realized it's much easier than I thought. Each chapter helps you to understand this paradigm in clear and fun way.

Sergio Muriana  

After watching the introduction course, I wanted to learn much more about functional programming. The course approaches the concepts in a easy-going and relaxed way. At the same time, it uses a lot of real world scenarios to explain the concepts. Congratulations!

Mikel Balduciel Diaz  

This course is for you either you already know a bit about functional programming or this is you're a first timer. Very clear ideas, real world samples that you can use in your daily-basis, and what is even more important: with a total UNDERSTANDING! If you want to learn or consolidate your skill about functional programming, Don't hesitate!

Carlos M. Vicente Herrero